Thursday, September 20, 2018

Brief Update: New Phone, Fifth Grade, Cool Shoes

Alice got a new phone yesterday.  She upgraded from her iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6.  She was stoked.  My friend Jeff was again the generous source for Alice's phone upgrade.  We got it all set up and working the first night and Cristy picked her up a new phone case on her way home.  Alice was very excited and didn't even linger in bed this morning, instead she sat in bed and played with her new phone :-).

Also, here is our fifth grade, first day pic!!!

Fashionistas please note the killer kicks, converse mid-tops FTW.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Alice Flirting With Einstein

Summer Vacation to Colorado, 2018
I think this was in Veil

Friday, May 11, 2018

The puppies are back!

Remember the puppy surprise? Well I was at my friends house and if happends that the little boy who had Marie, Simba and Gus was her neighbor. We played at his house and I saw the puppies that came in my backyard. Marie got lost in Mexico but his grandma found her. Simba and Gus where there and the dad of the puppies were there too. I was happy that I got to see those puppies agin and it was very fun and the puppies were so nice!


Friday, January 12, 2018

10th B-Day!

Alice 10th Birthday Panda PJs

Our sweet girl is 10 yrs old today!  So proud of her.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas 2017

Another Christmas has come and gone. Alice laments the days that she still believed in Santa, but still loves the holiday season. 
This year we started out the holiday weekend in Dallas seeing Varekai, by Cirque du Soleil with her Aunt Papa. Alice really enjoyed watching the show and told her aunt she would like to make this an annual type of thing. We stopped over at Aunt Papas house later that evening to meet their new puppy Jake.
The next day Didi and I took Alice to Northpark mall for some holiday sight seeing.  They have a miniature train exhibit and a couple of puppet shows.  Alice thought the trains were OK, liked one of the puppet shows, and thought the other was boring - haha.  Alice took one of her early Christmas presents (an American Girl named Sage) with us and did a photo shoot of her around the mall. We ended the trip with chocolates from the Godiva chocolates store.... Yum.

Christmas morning Alice wakes us up at 6:15, which is way earlier than usual...the excitement of Christmas morning won't keep her in bed for long. This Christmas could be summed up by one word.....squishies!  Pretty much the only things on her list this year were squishies, so almost everyone got her at least one.  Another big item for her was Stranger Things....she got a bunch of Pop toys of the characters and an Eggo tee and a Hawkins MS AV club sweatshirt....which she wears almost everyday!

After we got back home from the holiday festivities, Alice decided that she wanted to go to the American Girl store on January 1st to get the new Girl of the Year. We did this 2 years ago for a birthday surprise and had to drive to Houston as the only stores in Texas are in Dallas and Houston.  I had prepped myself for another drive to Houston on the 1st, but remembered there was a "pop up" store here inAustin for the holidays.  I checked out the web site and LO and behold...they were staying in Austin through January and would be selling Lucianna Vega - Girl of the Year. We popped over this morning at opening time and miracle of miracles, we were one of the first to enter the store and get the new Girl.  We were back home by 10:30am and I now had the whole day back!  Truly my Christmas Miracle!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Baby surprise

In the last post Larry updated the weights of the Guinea pigs. Cookie was noticeably heavier than S'mores, and we noticed she was quite a bit fatter than S'mores, but little did we know - Cookie was pregnant.  We never knew this and the vet who weighted them didn't pick up on that either.
One evening, Larry is looking at the piggies and realizes....there's an extra piggy in there!

We realize through backwards math, that she must have been newly pregnant when we adopted far as we knew both of our adopted Guinea pigs were girls. We started to do some research on babies, and then realize that they are sexually mature by week 3! If this new little piggy is a boy, we could have a lot more piggies on our hand.

We thought about bringing the baby to the vet that had seen Cookie and S'mores, but we're not excited about the expense, so I contacted the zoo keeper we adopted the, from and told him about our surprise baby.  He was surprised that a Guinea pig that young had given birth, and to bring them all by so he could sex the baby and do a double take on S'mores.....make sure she's a girl too.  

Only 9 weeks after trekking out to the zoo to adopt the girls, we were making a return trip to visit the zoo keeper again! The new baby had been named Twiggy, which worked for whether it was a boy or girl. If Twiggy was a boy, we were going to have to get him neutered, which is an ordeal I'm itself since he has to be older before they can do it.  The best outcome would be if Twiggy was a girl.

The zoo keeper picked up each piggy and examined them and proclaimed our herd to be ALL GIRLS....Hallelujah!  

We originally just wanted the 2 piggies, but apparently the universe decided, we really needed 3. All are happy and healthy. Wheek! Wheek! Wheek!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Update: Piggies

Brief update:  The guinea pigs are adjusting to their new homes.  They make more noises and get excited when Alice and Cristy put out their veggies.  They have a new crinkle tunnel they enjoy running in, plus the ramp is a favorite for their running from second floor to frist.  So its mostly good times.  Smores has a sore place on her noise we are treating with medicine and extra vitamin C.  Cookie looks fine though.  Alice is really showing responsibility with their care, and the fleece lining that Cristy made is really working out great.

Smores was just under 300g at her Vet visit, and Cookie was over 500g.